Hydro Beam – Class A, AREMA 11.5.1 4G Vibration Testing

We are excited to announce that our Hydro Beam product has received Class A certification and passed the AREMA 11.5.1 4G vibration testing. This certification demonstrates the exceptional vibration resistance and durability of the Hydro Beam, making it an ideal lighting solution for railway environments.

Class A is the highest rating that a track can receive, indicating that it has excellent vibration resistance. The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) developed the AREMA 11.5.1 specification for testing railway tracks’ vibration characteristics. The specification outlines the procedures for conducting vibration testing using a 4G shaker, which simulates the vibration caused by passing trains. During the testing, accelerometers are placed on the track to measure the vibration levels, and the results are compared to the established criteria for Class A certification.

By passing the AREMA 11.5.1 4G vibration testing and receiving Class A certification, the Hydro Beam has demonstrated its exceptional vibration resistance and durability. It can provide a comfortable and energy-efficient lighting solution in railway environments, thanks to its efficacy of up to 125 lm/W, soft diffused direct lighting, and 90 CRI (R9 50min) high color rendering index.

The Hydro Beam comes in various sizes, ranging from 2′ to 8′ individual units, and can be linked together for continuous rows. It features textured outdoor powder coat finishes available in white, black silver, and bronze, with premium finishes also available. 0-10V dimming is standard, and it can dim to 10% of output current. It is compatible with CA Title 24 / JA8 installation and has a wet location rating of IP66, with an Impact Protection Rating (IK08).

We are excited to offer a reliable and top-quality lighting solution that meets the high standards of Class A and AREMA 11.5.1 4G vibration testing.

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